DMI Cold Drawing Ribbing Winding Machine was developed for drawing flat or ribbed wire and winding at high speed, aimed to provide lower operator interaction with lower friction contact.

The wire is drawn for diameter reduction and ribbed if necessary, then winding on reel or basket is done on horizontal or vertical winding machine.

  • Max drawing speed: 720 m/min

Equipped with safety equipment for operator safety, it is a high quality machine that stands out with its easy maintenance and short set-up time.            

  • DMI 200HSD                       Ø 4.0 – Ø 12mm  (720m/min max.)
  • DMI 200HSD/C3                 Ø 3.5 – Ø 12mm  (720m/min max.)
  • DMI 300HSD/C4                 Ø 3.0 – Ø 12mm  (720m/min max.)