DMI Fully Automatic Wire Drawing Machine is designed with high technology for ease of use in cold forming, saving time and reducing operating costs. It is a machine that should be preferred for high productivity and fast product output.

With its inclined head pulling blocks and speed synchronization with pneumatic dancer arm, it can easily perform wire drawing at high speeds and in desired diameters.

In the cooling process, each block and each die is cooled separately with special feed water. The cooling process is guaranteed by using a special cooling jacket to facilitate the cooling of the pulling blocks.

Safety electrical switches are placed in many parts of the machine to ensure safety. These switches prevent the machine from working if the safety locks of the machine are open, preventing any harm to the operator or the machine.

  • DMI 710/630/8           Ø2.0 – Ø 5.5mm  (16m/s max.)
  • DMI 400/8                  Ø1.0 – Ø 2.5mm  (16m/s max.)